Vault* Free - Hidden Photo & Video Safe for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch App Reviews

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Totaler sch*** noch nicht mal ein stern

Fails when upsidedown

The alarm goes off when its upside down, screen should go blackwhen activated

Waste of time for iPhone 4

Well if your ringer is off doesnt work. If u turn the screen off it doesnt work. Good in theory but way too many bugs. For the i4 it is unfortunately a waste of time. I would rate 0 stars if it were possible

So so app

Good in idea, but bad for production, every time I open I have to answer not for upgrade. And screen will not off, drain the battery.

Good idea, terrible execution

Try guarddog alarm for a good security/scare app, much better than this


Just click the damn home button

Worse. Thief proof. App. Ever.

Does NOT respond when the phone is being moved.


You need to make it not crash so much


Worst game ever it wouldnt even let me go in to the app :•P


It keeps crashing

Hate it!

It is just a wast of my time it crashes!!!!


Alarm does not sound when moved!


U can tell its a scam....a security system when really its just what it is supposed to do the opposite of a security system!! And it just shuts off every time i go on!! Gonna delete when done writing!!


Its not even working. I cant even go on it.

Worst app

Its the worst app I have ever downloaded

I am angry

I cant even get the code its annoying I guessed it 1000 times cant get it

Very unhappy!

Very disappointed! Updated this app and now all my pictures are gone! Thanks a lot!

Crappy program

Do not use this!!! Once you have items in the vault it is very hard to get into it again. I used to pattern for the code. Not one time did it a accept the pattern. It would let me in by touching the logo instead. Not very secure at all. I changed it to a code and now cant access it at all. It does not have a back up for lost passwords. STAY AWAY

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